In the beginning…

This is one of the first media pieces about my work in VR haptic simulation… and highlights a couple of early awards.

ERSA: Haptic simulations for surgical training

Having worked as a software developer in the simulation industry since 2002, Greg’s body of work includes the development of medical and defense simulators including ISim: A VR Haptic Endotracheal Intubation Simulation, a tonsillectomy simulation, haptic games for high-school students, and a haptic VR skull jigsaw for learning the complex anatomy of the human skull.

Greg’s work to date on the Sinus Surgery Simulator won him the award for Best Student Presentation in 2009 at the IEEE/CSIRO Science Symposium, and has received positive feedback from surgeons and medical personnel nationally and internationally.

Currently working on integrating tissue models, haptic and visual rendering systems, Greg intends for the project to be finalised early next year for use in surgery training.

Pictured with 3D Modeller, Steve Sloan.

ERSA article.

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