Replaying Haptic Experiences

Comparing haptic rendering algorithms is challenging. This paper describes a novel method for replaying haptic recordings.

Recovery of Virtual Object Contact Surface Features for Replaying Haptic Feeling

Authors: Yonyao Yan, GS Ruthenbeck, KJ Reynolds.

In this paper, we improve our previous work to recover the user interacting virtual object’s contact surface features based on the recorded visual-haptic data for replaying haptic feeling. First the haptic stylus motion is tracked
from the recorded screenshot images of the haptic virtual environment (HVE). The virtual object’s contact surface can then be modeled after the coordinate transformation process which transforms the haptic stylus position from
screenshot image coordinate space into the haptic coordinate space. Finally, the genetic algorithm (GA) is used to identify the contact surface physical properties.

Article (ACM). HAI 2014, October 29{31, 2014, Tsukuba, Japan.
ACM 978-1-4503-3035-0/14/10.

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