Smarter feedback for surgeons

Imagine if surgeons could train on haptic VR simulations, with targeted feedback that accurately describes the steadiness of their hand, and the precise details in their movements.

Summary Graphics for Interpreting Virtual Reality Simulator Surgical Performance

Authors: GS Ruthenbeck, L Diment, N Dharmawardana, AS Carney,  KJ Reynolds.

Virtual reality surgical simulations provide a unique opportunity to evaluate surgical skills. Here we describe a new method for visualizing simulator interactions in a way that promises to simplify performance evaluation and facilitate the development of new and improved performance metrics, especially those based on motion analyses. The new Summary Graphics are discussed in the context of a haptic virtual reality volumetric tissue removal task. The motions used during the task, together with the rate of volumetric tissue removal are clearly depicted in these graphics, thus providing a strong basis for the development of more informative and robust performance metrics.

Article PDF.

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